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    About us

    We are the official supplier in the caribbean of VMF batteries. VMF batteries belong to the absolute top. They are manufactured under ISO standards with the most modern, computer-controlled equipment of first-class raw materials. An exceptionally strict quality control make it almost always impossible for a product that does not meet our quality requirements, the user will achieve. VMF includes closed a complete line of whole, truly maintenance-free start, naval and deepcylce batteries on the basis of expanded records and calcium technology. Due to the high reliability and security are VMF batteries are not only suitable for the discerning motorist, but also in all other applications where reliability and safety are vital: as with life-saving equipment, emergency equipment and road vehicles. In VMF batteries a particularly pure lead-calcium alloy is used. As a result, the self-discharge is extremely low and the battery is still usable even after long decommissioning. The charging current of a VMF battery, if it is almost fully charged, goes back to a very low value. The risk of overcharging is therefore practically excluded.

    VMF batteries are used in: Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Power Sports, Leisure, Traction purposes